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    Tuesday, 18 June 2019

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

    and Disadvantages of Solar Energy 

    Hello Friends, Today
    our topic of discussion is "Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy"
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    OK, so we would discuss
    advantages and disadvantages of of Solar Energy System here in this article.
    While considering the
    main topic of discussion "Advantages and Disadvantages of of Solar Energy
    System”, we would also consider these aspects
    a) Environment factors about Clean source of Energy
    b) Solar Power Panels or Magnetic Generators that is
    the question
    c) What are the main Advantages and Disadvantages of
    Solar Energy System? 
    By dealing with the
    several Clean Energy sources available nowadays, the question turns up whether
    we prefer a Solar Energy System or a Magnetic Power Generator or any other
    source of renewable energy?
    Generally speaking, I
    would say that both sources of energy are very good. Nonetheless, each solution
    has some advantages and disadvantages that we must bear in mind. The advantages
    of an alternative, clean and renewable energy are clear, mainly because the
    generated energy is totally free and non-contaminating, but it has some
    disadvantages as well.
    The biggest impediment
    when introducing a home alternative energy system is, for most of us, the
    upfront cost for installation of new and renewable energy. Solar energy for
    powering our home, commercial ventures, schools colleges, institution and industries
    is a wonderful idea, but a full home solar energy system is actually too
    expensive to fit in the financial possibilities of the average family in almost
    all countries in the world. However, we must not forget that now a day almost
    all nations in the world are favoring use of solar energy while providing
    financial assistance to its citizen in the form of solar subsidies, solar
    generation incentives and tax rebates along with net metering facilities. These
    measures are sufficient to help domestic, institutions and NGO segment in India
    to use solar energy system with the help of central and state Governments.
    On the other hand,
    purchasing a magnetic generator is not as easy as that since I do not know
    about any manufacturer that is making and distributing this kind of generators.
    So, the issue in that
    case would be to install Solar energy system or a magnet generator system, or
    In my opinion, we could
    try both systems, since the solar thermal energy or STE (that is to say, the
    technology for using solar energy in order to get hot water or heating systems)
    is not as costly as photovoltaics (which translates solar energy directly into
    electrical power). It is a very encouraging bit of news to see how people are
    moving into alternative, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy sources all
    around the world.
    As for the power our
    homes need, a solar photovoltaic electricity system would be the right answer? Provided
    that the solar panels were not so expensive or highly priced! To overcome this
    obstacle we have two choices: either we build the solar panels ourselves or we
    take to the magnetic generator. If you asked me "what would you
    choose?" my answer would be: "Solar Energy Power Plant!”
    If we want to help each
    other and ourselves by utilizing non-contaminating energy sources for the sake
    of our environment, the two choices mentioned are a very salutary solution.
    However, they are not the only possibilities to power our homes with clean
    energy: wind energy is also a very good alternative too. However, here we will
    ponder upon advantages and disadvantages of solar energy in detail.  As far as disadvantages are concerned, I can
    say that except upfront cost, there seems to be none, however we can count
    number of advantages over there. Initial cost of installation of solar energy
    power plants can be compensated with solar subsidies, solar generation
    incentives and tax rebates. So in my opinion, there exists no disadvantage for
    use of solar energy to power up our homes, commercial ventures and industries.

    Solar energy system helps users to reduce their
    monthly electric bills up to 90% for next 25 years at least.
    With Solar energy power
    solutions you may reduce your monthly electrical bill up to 90% at least for
    next 25 years.  By installing solar
    energy power solutions at your home you will be able to have another power
    system as alternate renewable energy options. 
    Before installing solar panels at your home, dwelling or commercial
    premises, you will have to understand which is best solar power option for you
    according to the availability of sun and where you are living. If you live in
    an area where there is sufficient sunlight and less grid power, then off-grid
    solar energy power solutions is best for you. 
    In other scenario, if you are living in such area where grid is
    available almost 24 hours a day and wish to reduce your electric bill, then an
    on-grid solar system is best bet for you.
    Solar Energy system is an infinite source of energy
    Yes, you heard that
    true, power solutions generated from solar energy is an infinite source of
    electricity with the most potentialities and new possibilities as it will
    continue to produce solar power as long as the sun is available to mankind.
    Solar energy power solutions is not only freely available but in abundance.
    Solar Energy system has wide range of application
    Power generated from
    Solar Energy has wide range of application in the form of thermal
    photo-voltaic. Electricity generated from Solar Energy can be used to power up
    domestic loads as well as commercial and industrial ventures across the globe.
    Benefit and Advantages of solar energy system
    Sun being called Solar
    is the main source of energy i.e. sun provides consistent and steady source of
    solar power throughout the year. The most important benefit and advantages is
    that it can be easily deployed by both residential and commercial users as it
    does not require any huge set up like in case of wind or geothermal energy.
    Solar energy power solutions are a boon to the society as well as environment.
    Energy generated from Solar is one of the most widely used renewable sources of
    Solar energy system reduces dependence over Grid
    Most of the countries
    all over the world are diversifying into solar from the conventional energy.
    This revolutionary step by the Governments would reduce their dependence on
    conventional source of energy and making solar power as a main share of their
    energy supply.
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